OIE’s Vision

OIE strives to promote research innovation, entrepreneurship activities and knowledge exchange in CUHK along with other offices, while specifically engaging a wide range of stakeholders outside of CUHK – from researchers and administrators to industrial partners and investment funds In order to support and strengthen CUHK’s global links, accelerating the translation of university’s research into tangible societal impact.

We Aim…


  • Build Strategic Alliances between CUHK and Industry Partners

  • Support the building of biomedicine institutes

  • Cultivate CUHK Innovations and Local Investment Communities

  • Enhance CUHK Development in Mainland China

  • Increase Global Exposure for students

  • PPP

  • Institute of Innovative Biomedicines

  • Alliance

  • CR

  • Co-Op@CUHK
Prof. Daniel HS Lee
Associate Vice-President

Director’s Message:

“Over the past decades, CUHK has built her renowned reputation through excellence in research and academic education. OIE aspires to achieve the next goals of CUHK, to translate the excellent basic research into commercial products and services that would greatly impact society, by partnering with private and public enterprises. We invite you to contact us to explore innovation commercialization, partnership and investment opportunities.”

The Office of Innovation and Enterprise (OIE) was established in 2019 to facilitate the translation of CUHK innovation research into product or service commericialization. OIE aspires to support an innovation ecosystem that fosters interactions among industries, investors, government and academia, thereby accelerating CUHK’s innovation and social impacts. OIE services companies formed by CUHK students, staff and alumni and participates in initiatives launched by the HKSAR government and external partners.

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